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SHOES - Prices vary so check the Irish dancing shops as some are cheaper

Hullachan - Makers of the Hullachan 2 and AP Pro
We have reviews on the Hullachan 2 and AP Pro in the reviews section

Boyne Walk - Makers of the 'Storm' jig shoe which uses the hurricane heel
We have reviews of the 'Storm' jig shoe and 'Reel Comfort' pomp in the reviews section

Inishfree - Hand made shoes still made in Ireland and 'Proud to be Irish'.  Makers of the popular Aoife pomp, Aoife patent pomps (don't forget the site is in dollars)
We have a review of the Aoife pump in the reviews section

Antonio Pacelli - Well known tried and trusted beginners to intermediate shoes with options for advanced dancers and a range of branded products
We have a review of the Super-flexi jig shoe in the revies section

Rutherfords - Soundblaster tips and Hytech heels amongst other things.

Fays - A well known name producing one of the narrower shoes on the market for jig shoes.

Corr's - makers of the 'Champion' range which we know nothing about :)

Halmor - Makers of jig shoes and pomps 

Iconic Dancer - New up to date shoes including the NEW John Carey Jig shoes with white straps and rim