Everything to do with Irish Dancing




ST Moriz Fake Tan mousse - £2.99

Well we did say anything to do with Irish Dancing. Believe me we have tried everything from Fake Bake to spray tans and tanning products from £2.99 to £35.

St Moriz apart from the dodgy name is a really good product for dancers whether on a budget or not. When applied with a glove it goes on well, has a good colour and doesn't have the streak issues that sprays have.

Colour develops within 4-6 hours and some will come off on the sheets but washes out. We recommend a pair of PJ's if doing this at night.

It recommends you can top-up or darken 3-7 days after first application, and we were surprised at how long the tan lasts compared to more expensive brands like L'Oreal and Boots No7 at approx £17 and £20 respectively.

So far we have found this is Semi-Chem, Savers and Home Bargains at £2.99 

Feisfayre - Small dress bag

For around £40 you can purchase a small dress bag from Feisfayre and have it embroidered.

The bag itself is compact but capable of taking most dresses other than a really large senior or one with major stiffening in the front. This makes it ideal for traveling on aircraft and hanging over the back of your chair at a feis.

The bag comes with an integral handle of good sturdy quality and a shoulder strap. On the outside rear is a full size pocket which holds a good amount of gear, and inside this at the top in easy reach is a small zip pocket for kick pants tiaras etc.

This bag is as good as any I have seen to date, if I had one request it would be to swap the elastic bar holder for a velcro one like the old 'Dancing in Celtic' ones which makes it easier to swap the dress in and out.

Verdict:       Best buy                      As a bag  4/5        with the embroidery and at the cost            5/5