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Swarovski Crystals - Hotfix or non-hotfix?


So whats the difference? One you use a 'kandi cane' heat applicator to fix, the other you use glue.

Right but also WRONG

  1. The hotfix crystals whilst in theory simple to fix can be a bit 'risky' if you make a mistake with the applicator on the other hand if you make a mistake with the non-hotfix then you should be able to remove the glue with cold water and not stain the material.
  2. Hotfix crystals appear to have a silver foil backing and non-hotfix a platinum foiled backing making them brighter - pictures will follow
  3. Sometimes you can re-use non-hotfix crystals, hotfix ones whilst more secure don't take to being removed and re-applied.
  4. Bear in mind that if you use a glue gun it is harder to re-fix any crystals that come of or to rectify a mistake.
Hotfix on the left with the slightly blue/gray tinge, non-hotfix on the right

Personally we prefer the non-hotfix crystals for brightness and sparkle even if it gets a wee bit messy at times, and make sure you use the right glue.

Swarovski Crystals, 2028 or 2058?


Originally Swarovski produced brilliant cut crystals, then it created Swarovski elements and the 2028 brilliant cut flat back crystal we all know and love and have been using for the past few years.

Now Swarovski has decided to phase out the 2028 style in favour of the new 2058 cut.

Whats the difference? Well the 2058 has a smaller centre face and consequently more cuts/facets at the sides. This gives it more 'bling' factor, and it does. Most suppliers are up front about 2028 or 2058, however if you are repairing a dress I would recommend you buy some spare 2028s now, and if you are adding to a new dress, make sure you get 2058s otherwise you will end up with 2 different types of crystal in the near future.

The older 2028 is on the right, the new 2058 cut is on the left.

GEM-TAC (Coming Soon)
Quick bit of info, use Gem-Tac on new cloth, not on plastics or where a glue gun has previously been used

E6000 (Coming Soon) 
Quick bit of info, use where trying to stick on shiny metallic surfaces or where a glue gun has been used, Gem-Tac will not set properly.
Also tends to come without a nozzle, so buy more than one small tube or lots of nozzles